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Jenna is a singer/songwriter & Broadway actor living in NYC. She was born & raised in Clearwater, Florida, by parents who instilled a deep love for travel in her. At the age of 6, she joined an professional all-girls' song and dance troupe in Tampa, Fl where over the next 12 years she would perform hundreds of shows around the country including singing as a National Anthem soloist for teams such as the NY Yankees & Atlanta Braves as well as former Presidents, Clinton & Bush. Growing from a little girl into a young women with this all-female performance group, Jenna cultivated a strong bond of female friends (25+ years and counting!) At a young age, she learned about the importance of female connection as a support system and deeply-rooted sisterhood. That bond has fueled her to embrace and empower groups of women. Her professional performing career has brought her around the world & she continues to feel the "travel itch" every day. Her life-long passion for a connection with women along with her immense curiosity of people, cultures, nature, & travel has brought her to starting her Noonday Ambassador journey!

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