The Noonday Ambassador Community

We are a community of passionate, purposeful women having fun while making a difference in the world. And we've got a place just for you!

Ambassadors Change the World

How It Works

As a Noonday Ambassador, you create a marketplace for Artisans around the world by gathering women to shop beautifully handmade jewelry, accessories, home goods, and gifts. Help women find styles they love while sharing the stories of transformation behind our collection. Ready to join us in building a flourishing world? Launch your flexible business today and start earning 20-35% personal commission plus earn over $500 in free product!


  • Create dignified work for families across the globe
  • Create opportunities for women to find purpose and earn an income in the US
  • Support adopting families in your community


  • Earn 20-35% commission on all personal sales
  • Expand your impact by inviting friends along and earn 6-14% on team sales
  • Get paid weekly on personal sales


  • Earn trips to visit Artisans around the world
  • Be in community with other Ambassadors at our annual SHINE conference in Austin
  • Grow personally and professionally through our leader programs


Ready to Get Started?

We make it easy to build the business of your dreams. When you purchase a Starter Collection, you’ll receive a “business in a box,” designed to help you launch strong.

Image depicting the 10 products included in the Starter Collection


$510 worth of bestselling products at 60% off + FREE business tools + display items

$510 Total Value

See What's Included

We know women purchase more when they can see and try-on products. Each product included in the Ambassador Starter Collection is one of our top selling pieces and displays the artistry, techniques, and materials Artisans across the globe use to create the beautiful styles offered across our line. The Ambassador Starter Collection also includes trays and a bust to beautifully display the products, along with business tools to help you get your business going right from the start.

Plus, grow your collection as you launch your business! Earn up to $412 in product rewards, $100 in exclusive swag, and unlimited $50 cash bonuses as you launch your business strong!

Noonday Ambassadors are the Dreamers & the Doers…

Still have questions?

Connect with an Ambassador to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Having an Ambassador business is really flexible, and it’s up to you how much time you have and want to put into it! A healthy level of engagement is having 1-2 trunk shows a month and inviting 1-2 friends along to expand the impact we can make. We call this a healthy level because it’s consistent – and consistency is what creates predictability for Artisan purchase orders and Artisan impact. At this level, you’re putting in less than 5 hours a week. And from here, your opportunity for engagement, impact, and income only grow!

Just like the amount of time you put in is up to you, so is your income opportunity! All Ambassadors earn 20% base personal commission, with both monthly and lifetime incentives to earn more. Having two trunk shows in a calendar month with $650 in sales each at a base commission of 20%, earns you $260 in personal commission. Inviting women to join your team who also have shows, allows you to tap into coaching commission which ranges from earning 6-14% on team sales.

View and download the Noonday Collection Ambassador Compensation Plan.

We have 24/7 online training just for you, along with a workbook in your Collection designed to make getting started so simple! Your coach will link arms and help you get going right away to start booking your first few shows and inviting your friends to join you. We are all dignified learners in life and it’s important to us that you feel good and ready to go, no matter what experience you may or may not have.

So many of our Ambassadors joined Noonday because they have a heart for social justice, were craving community, love our beautiful fair trade pieces, and many other reasons. And with that, so many had no sales experience, some women didn’t even have their ears pierced! You are welcome here and we’ll teach you exactly what you need to know.

We make it easy to be an Ambassador. Though we love consistent engagement each month, every show matters and we want you to be part of what we’re doing! Ambassadors must sell at least $250 in PQS every 9 months to remain in Active Ambassador status – that’s it! Personal Qualifying Sales (PQS) is Sales (excluding Hostess Rewards) after discounts, before tax and shipping.

You don’t need anything beyond your Starter Collection to get started! We are proud that our Ambassadors do not have to purchase inventory or fulfill orders – that’s all done from the Noonday Home Office. As a new Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to earn product credit in your first three months which will allow you to purchase more sample pieces without spending out of pocket. Additionally, Ambassadors can purchase samples at 40% off retail price year-around! Marketing and business tools such as order forms and printed catalogs are available for purchase anytime, but nothing is required.

There is a monthly $9.99 Noonday Business Fee that covers the direct sales software and services that run your personal website and Ambassador Studio. It also covers technology and services used to market your business such as comprehensive digital marketing kits each season to grow your business and inspire your community to partner with you. The Business Fee is waived for the month in which you join and the following month.

All Hostess and customer orders ship directly to each recipient from our home office, so you can spend your time focused on the activities that matter most – gathering women for trunk shows and inviting new Ambassadors to launch their own businesses.

Here’s what we know – our opportunity for Artisan impact grows when new Ambassadors join our community and have shows. You can invite women to join you right from the get-go and we’ve got awesome rewards to thank you for doing so! Many Ambassadors who invite friends to join them can attest to how much fun they’ve had learning and launching their businesses with a friend right beside them, plus they start building their own little community right away. Inviting women to join you is the best and most effective way to scale your impact and your income opportunity, but ultimately the choice is up to you!

A line in our Ambassador Manifesto says, “When we look across the globe we don’t see strangers, we see ourselves”, and traveling with Noonday brings this to life! Ambassadors can earn the opportunity to visit Artisans in their home countries! The ways to earn vary from year to year and are announced annually. We also invite Artisans to attend SHINE, our annual Ambassador Conference, and other community events throughout the year, to share their stories with our Ambassadors.

Yes! Each week you are paid on all purchases made through your website. This includes purchases that are associated with one of your Hostesses for a Trunk Show as well as individual purchases that are not associated with a Trunk Show.

Are you all about details? Learn more about the nuts and bolts of the Ambassador Opportunity by downloading our Independent Ambassador Policy Document.